Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring Colors

I've been changing up the color sceme a bit in my living room. Out with the deep reds, navy's and greens. In with the lighter greens and cheery blues. 

The artwork that had been above the fireplace is something I had the kids make several years ago. It was replaced with an oversized clock. 

I found new throw pillows at Kohl's new kitchen curtains at Target and this new clock at Old Time Pottery (for $29.99 nonetheless!). I used gift cards for all but the clock and the room already has a fresh look to it. 

Now if I could find an inexpensive replacement for my outdated love seat!



1 comment:

Rich said...

Looks nice! I would give you my love seat if you were driving down to Florida and had a vehicle that could bring it back up, but I'm sure that won't be the case. It's nice though, oversized and each side reclines :P Would like to reduce the amount of stuff that I have to move this summer.