Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Our kitchen dining set used to be our formal dining room set. Before that, it was my in-laws and has had many, many years of use. The chairs have straw seats and the straw has started to break apart leaving a pile of straw on the floor any time someone sits down. 

I knew I wanted to recover them but I was disappointed when I saw how pricey decorator fabric was. Today, Molly and I were at Target....again....and I decided to check out the drapes, and then the shower curtains. I couldn't believe it, they had a fabric shower curtain to match my kitchen drapes and my living room pillows. 

For $20 I had 4 yards of fabric!  The rest of the process was painless. They may not be perfect but they brighten up the kitchen and resolve the straw pile problem. 

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Mom said...

They look awesome! Comfy too :-)