Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Garden 2014 Edition

I planted my garden about a month ago. Probably a smidge too early as I had one late frost that a couple of my tomatoes didn't like. It's looking good one month in. 

I put up this ugly fence to "try" to keep the dog and rabbits out. The dog has already laughed at me and jumped right over it. 

Sugar snap peas are starting to flower. Still one of my favorite plants to watch grow. 

New zucchini getting started. 

My first cute little cherry tomatoes. 

Carrot seeds starting to sprout. I may have been too generous on the sprinkling of seeds. First time growing carrots. 

Friendly garden toad keeping the bugs at bay. 

Funny story. Last year I had planted my herbs in pots in my garden (a Pinterest idea). This year I decided I wanted the space in my garden back for other things so I pulled out the pots that came back on their own (chives and oregano). Both pots had strawberry plants creep in so now I have some lovely Oregano strawberries growing in a pot on my deck. 

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Mom said...

Miss my gardening days. Grow enough to keep us in tomatoes please :)