Saturday, August 9, 2014

A'ha Moment

A couple of days ago Molly asked me for broccoli and ranch for a snack. Um, absolutely!  I started wondering why I wasn't offering veggies more often. 

Last weekend my sister had a veggie platter setting out during dinner and it was so easy and convenient to just grab some veggies with our meal. 

After Molly's surprising request and copying my sisters actions, I made a veggie platter to pull out before our meal is ready. It's been a hit!  It never fails that 30 minutes before lunch or dinner is ready the kids are begging for a snack. I would much rather them be snacking on fresh fruits and veggies than junk. 

This will hopefully also buy me some time when I go back to work and need more time to cook dinner (more on that later!)

1 comment:

Mom said...

You need to add some cherry tomatoes for Matthew!!! Never saw anyone love them as much as he does:)