Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stacking Mania!

The AAU Jr. Olympics were held this weekend in Des Moines. Matthew qualified to go for cup stacking (yes, it is a sport!) and made us very proud. He had one 1st place, one 4th place and one 6th place finish. Considering he has been stacking for just over a year, I think that's quite an accomplishment. 

He is being recognized as one of the fastest stackers in the country. 

We met up with a friend named Gio who he had met at nationals back in March. They picked up right where they had left off and had a blast hanging out with Gio's brother and friends. They had decided to be doubles partners and did amazingly well. 

Also, interesting tidbit, many cup stackers (Matthew included) are extremely talented at solving the Rubik's cube. Matthew's record is 55 seconds!)

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Jim said...

Awesome Matthew! We're very proud of your accomplishments.
I solved Rubics Cube once, after working on it all day..
Your record of 55 seconds is amazing!
Uncle Jim in St Louis