Friday, September 19, 2014

Busy Busy Busy!

Our lives have been crazy over these last few weeks. We are in full swing of all fall activities. In less than two weeks it will be October!  
Since I updated to iOS8 I currently have very few pictures on my phone (next time I will update while connected to the computer) so I don't even have a ton of pics to share what all we've been doing. 

Matthew is still doing great in soccer as is Molly. They both scored two goals at their games this week. 

Molly received her "official" cheerleading uniform....Holy Adorable. I love her take charge attitude of her team. 

Ryan is doing well in school. I've actually gotten to sub a couple of times in his classroom which is not something that is regularly allowed but I've certainly enjoyed it. (Though he frequently asks "backpack?" Throughout  the day). 

Bobby is gearing up for his busy season that starts October first-as well as Royals being on the playoffs!

I am still absolutely loving subbing. I have subbed every day except for one in which Ryan was having some testing done. Today is high school math, yesterday was special Ed preschool. What a variety!

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Mom said...

So fun to watch her cheer and also to see both of them at their soccer games. I remember you kids being involved just not at such a young age! No wonder the kids today are such talented athletes as they start so early.