Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Molly went back to surgery around 12:30 yesterday. She was scared about falling alsleep but after surgery asked if "we could get some sleepy medicine for home"- oh I wish honey!
Before she went back
She did great!  Surgery was quick and though her appendix was "red and puffy" it had not burst so that meant we got to go home the same day!

She was pretty groggy for a while but was soon asking for a pancake-that girl was hungry. She ended up deciding on biscuits and gravy and a strawberry milkshake and ate every bite. To the nurses amazement she walked down the hall to the bathroom and we were home by 6:00. 

Her belly is swollen and though she has incision pain, the appendix pain is gone. She has three small laparoscopic incisions. I'm convinced I'm going to have to force her to rest and relax over the next two days. Kids are so resilient! 

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Courtney Smith said...

I will pray for recovery