Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Growth spurt?

Not for me but for MJ. Today for breakfast MJ ate a banana, then a cereal bar, then a few candy corns. I know, not the breakfast of champions but he earned them. The last several nights, not only has he stayed in his room and his bed all night but he has also FALLEN ASLEEP in there! What a change. I'm still amazed every morning at 7:00 that there are only two of us in our bed.

For supper tonight he had half of a grilled cheese sandwich, diced apples, yogurt covered raisins (which he thoughtfully calls 'eggs') and two servings of goldfish crackers. He then got upset when he asked for a cereal bar and I turned him down. I'm thinking this child is going to be sprouting either up or out relatively soon.

Today he came home from daycare with a hole in the knee of his jeans. Not something many moms would celebrate but it's a typical boy right of passage and RJ has always (understandably) been pretty gentle on his clothes. MJ thought it was pretty funny asking "where's my leg?....there it is!".

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Anonymous said...

Your oldest brother used to wear out his knees in his pants on a regular basis. I think he spent most of his time pretending to slide into home plate. In the good old days though I would buy the heavy duty iron on patches and fix them. I don't see many kids now with patches on their knees:)Mom