Monday, October 27, 2008

Honkin' Patch

Also known as the "Pumpkin Patch". MJ has been calling them 'honkin's' for several weeks now and I find it very cute. Yesterday, we attended a birthday party for the son for a friend of mine. It was at Faulkner's Pumpkin Farm and the boys had a blast. There were several activities for the kids to partake in. RJ really enjoyed playing with the cow bells though the wind was a little much for him. Each kid came home with a balloon and a pie pumpkin as favors. Very cute idea. With my kids having January and March birthdays, I don't think a pumpkin patch birthday party will be something we can pull off!

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Anonymous said...

I love Matthew's language. It is going to be sad the day he starts talking in big boy language instead of his sweet toddler lingo. I loved having him call me memaw and then all of a sudden it changed to Grandma. I guess they all grow up sooner or later.