Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin Jones Family

Tonight we continued our annual tradition of carving pumpkins. Neither boy really wanted to touch the 'guts' though MJ enjoyed using a spoon to get the seeds out. RJ just wanted to eat the seeds so he only helped for a few minutes. I finished them up (like I do every year) and the boys enjoyed looking at them all lit up. Though carving pumpkins is not a clean activity or one of my favorites it's one I hope the boys remember fondly as they grow up. My dad told me this year how much he hated the mess and headache of carving pumpkins through the years. I would have never known it. All I have are happy memories of it being one of our many family traditions.

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Anonymous said...

Dad says he didn't hate carving pumpkins, he just really, really, really didn't enjoy it:) I do remember how much you kids did enjoy it though. Isn't it strange that once you become a parent how much those little traditions become important. Thats why they are called traditions as you were raised the way we were raised and so forth. I must say I miss those days. Enjoy as they go by way to fast. Mom