Sunday, November 9, 2008

3 Months to Go

T minus 3 months to the big day. As fast as the first seven (almost) months have gone, I'm afraid the rest might creep along. I fully expect the rest of November to scurry by and then December should be OK, with the Christmas holiday and all. That just leaves January, a month that drags on in any normal year when I am not 36 plus weeks pregnant. I am a little concerned of KC January weather and being on the roads at that time but I'm sure I'll make due (no pun intended). Today I was able to get the dresser cleaned out in the guest room. It held all of our spare blankets and a few miscellaneous items. I am also taking this time to make a Goodwill pile. Normally we are scrambling on Dec. 31st trying to find stuff to donate but as the nesting continues, I am finding more and more stuff we can probably live without. I did come across some beautiful blue baby blankets that I just can't seem to part with yet. I may have to hold on to those forever.

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