Wednesday, November 12, 2008


From the start of today, I've been annoyed. Everyone or everything seems to want more money and provide less service for it. It's open enrollment time right now for benefits. I expect premiums to go up a little bit every year but this year not only did premiums go up, coverage is going from 90% to 80% and RX prices are going up.

Annoyance number two: in order to accommodate this little girl, the guest room and office are now becoming one. Not a big deal except that we have a DISH Network receiver in what will be the nursery that needs to be moved to the guest/office room. DISH wants to charge us $99 to make the measly 3 foot move to the other side of the wall. If it wasn't due to being spoiled by our digital video recorder (DVR), I'm sure I could get by with basic cable and get rid of this stupid technology that loses it's signal every time it rains or the wind blows.

OK, I'm stepping off my soapbox. Thanks for listening.

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