Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby Bargains

As many of you know, I am a fan of bargains. Food bargains, paper towel bargains, clothes bargains. Now my focus has shifted to, what else, baby bargains. I was fortunate enough to come across this bargain while on the computer last Sunday night. The above car seat retails for $279.99. You read that correctly, almost $300 for something my child can ride in in the car. The beauty of this seat is two-fold. Number one: Britax is the Cadillac of car seats. Number two: this particular model goes up to 65 pounds and 49 inches. Either boy should be able to ride in it for an extended period of time. RJ has outgrown his seat in Bobby's car and though he met the height and weight limitations for a belt-positioning booster, I didn't feel that it gave him enough support. This, on the other hand, will give him support for hopefully another couple of years. Granted, the pattern of the seat is not my favorite but sacrifices sometimes need to be made for the sake of a bargain.

Oh, and I got it for $59.99

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