Monday, November 17, 2008

We have a delivery date....or do we???

My 28 week doctor's appointment went well. I haven't gained any weight from two weeks ago (Hooray!) and all of my pressures and other checks look great. My belly is measuring 5 weeks ahead but the doctor says that it's no cause for concern. I left the office today with a scheduled day for my c-section....February 4th!

In the ten minutes following leaving the appointment I thought about that day. Though February 4th has never had a ton of significance to me up until this point, it was to be the day that our daughter would be born. 2-4-2009. I really liked that day! It was just about that time when the scheduler called to inform me that the hospital I had chosen to deliver at would stop accepting my insurance on February 1, 2009. Therefore, I had two options: 1) change hospitals, 2) change delivery days. My guess is that my doctor won't go any earlier but we'll see. I may just have to fall in love with another day. I'll probably get it all planned out and she'll decide she's ready mid January.
Updated: February 4th is officially the day!

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