Saturday, November 29, 2008

Heartburn Hotel

I *heart* Zantac. The last few weeks heartburn has become unbearable. Last week, on the way to Notre Dame, I woke up in Bloomington, Illinois with what I thought was a debilitating flu. I quickly came to realize that it was the 10:00 dinner the night before that was making me sick. Tums just weren't cutting it any more so I called my doctor. That's when I met my new love...Zantac 150. It's like a winter breeze to my esophagus. I've also refrained from eating immediately prior to going to bed but as the saying goes: you live, you learn!


Anonymous said...

Its just all that hair our little girl is growing:) We'll see if that old wives tale is true. If she is born bald we'll know its a bunch of bunk. Mom

Emily said...

I lived on Zantac the last few months. Enjoy!