Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two Months to Go

Today is December 4th. Two months, one hour and 32 minutes from now I will be on the operating table giving birth to our little girl. It's a little surreal. All of my aches and pains are telling me to hurry up and get it over with but my head is telling me I have so much left to do! I have a feeling (and hoping) that time will fly after Christmas.

I was thinking about all of the little things you forget about when having a newborn. Burping. That's one of them. It is the focus of much attention to get those unwanted gas bubbles out of a little one's tummy. Today my days are filled with trying to teach manners to two (three) boys who rid themselves of gas very well! I am also concerned with car seat arrangement in both cars. I am not even sure if all three car seats will fit in the Accord. While they should all fit in the van, that will involve me climbing in to the back to get MJ buckled in. There are a lot of logistics to figure out.

2 months and counting....

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Anonymous said...

Wish you lived closer so we could be of more help. I would love to help with the nursery but I know also that is the most fun thing you have to do to get ready:) It will all come together if not before she gets here it will happen after. By the way Happy Birthday tomorrow. Love Mom