Monday, January 26, 2009

Good News, Bad News

How's this for a Monday morning?

Good News:
  • MJ has stayed in his room all night the last two nights.
  • I have gotten two consecutive good night sleep.
  • My boss is buying me lunch today

Bad News:
  • It's approximately 28 degrees in our house this morning. (OK, 55) The thermostat is blank and the Heating and Cooling guys are on the way
  • Our smoke detector is chirping upstairs. Out of the five detectors we have upstairs I have narrowed it down to the one in the boys' room.
  • We don't have a 9-volt battery to replace
  • Hannah (the dog) is on edge with the odd occurrences happening this morning
  • I have a Non-Stress test at 11, lunch is scheduled at noon.
Update: $93 later our furnace is fixed and I'm a happy camper

1 comment:

Richelle said...

Maybe you shouldn't have had it fixed so quickly! It surely could have helped the results of your non-stress test! Miss Molly could have made an appearance a little earlier! Love ya, Richelle