Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Pull-Up Mystery

MJ, though fully day trained, still wears a diaper to bed. Some days he wakes up dry, some days he wakes up wet so until we see more consistency, the "night night diaper" (as we call it), stays on. We also have two types of diapers in our house: Lay Down Diapers (regular diapers) and Stand Up Diapers (Pull-Ups). Last night before MJ went to bed I put a Lay Down Diaper on him. This morning I went to get him dressed and he's wearing a Pull-Up! I asked Bobby if he changed him and he said no. I asked Matthew where he got this diaper and he said "the bathroom". He doesn't seem to know where his other diaper went. I'm a little concerned.

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Mom said...

Give it a day or two and follow the smell:) You'll find it.