Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sloooow Dooown

Sometime life throws you a speed bump. It's a little way to tell you that you're moving too fast and not taking time to notice the little things in your day to day life. One of those speed bumps happened to me today. School called to ask me a couple of questions about RJ and to tell me how excited they are that RJ is getting his big boy teeth. Hold On-what? Big boy teeth? RJ has yet to lose any teeth much yet get new ones in. Low and behold they are right. Though he hasn't lost his front two bottom teeth yet, his adult ones have come in behind. How did I miss this? I know everything about my children! I guess I really do need to slow down and enjoy all of these little things I'm missing.

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Mom said...

Tell him Grandpa is a pro at pulling teeth. He would prefer they are loose first though I am sure the baby teeth will loosen up soon:)