Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Beat

It's been a long day and I'm beat. Molly and I arrived home last night about 11:00. Our flight was delayed an hour but she was a champ-even sleeping the entire last leg of the trip. After sleeping like a champ in Florida (3-4 hours worth of naps and sleeping through the night), both she and MJ woke around 3:30.
Today it was back to work which also meant a trip to UPS to pick up my new work computer. IT was able to save most of my documents but it is hard learning a new computer when you are used to a different kind. The touch pad is much less sensitive that my ThinkPad T42. This computer is a Dell E6400. Catch up will be just that more difficult. It's 8:15, I'm lying in bed watching a Tivo'd show. It will be lights out shortly.


Mom said...

Molly must be missing Grandma and Grandpa and wants to come back:) She was the sweetest little girl the entire time you were here. We had a ladies lunchean today and all the "girls" wanted to talk about was how cute and sweet Miss Molly was. She was a hit:)

Dad said...

Does the laptop have a built in camera and mic?