Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Lesson Learned

I've been a homeowner for nine years. Much like my refrigerator post, I found another home maintenance item that I've dropped the ball on. I've been meticulous about cleaning out the lint trap on our dryer after each load. We've noticed that our dryer is taking longer and longer and multiple cycles to dry clothes. Actually, we replaced our old dryer for the same issue. Voila, the culprit. A bird nest in our outside dryer vent. Now, I haven't tested my theory yet but I have high hopes that my next load with take only one cycle to dry!


Mom said...

We cleaned ours this spring but a good reminder to check it again.

Ms. Mayhem said...

We had an issue and actually put some mesh at the end of the it can still ventilate, but not allow for nesters.