Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A week ago Friday I was in between appointment for work. For some reason I stretched and felt my left shoulder with my right hand. Something didn't feel right. I noticed a bump about the size of a quarter right behind my shoulder. It doesn't hurt but I didn't feel like it was quite right. I visited my doctor and he scheduled me for an MRI yesterday. I've also been having some clicking in my knee so we did an MRI on that as well. #1. MRI's are LONG. The knee took 45 minutes and the shoulder took more than an hour. #2. They send me home with a CD of images. They really shouldn't do that in the age of technology. So what do I do? I spend the evening comparing and contrasting to similar finds on Google. I should have some results today and it's making me antsy!

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Mom said...

I wish they wouldn't do that either.