Friday, July 5, 2013

Meet Maggie!

Maggie is the newest addition to our family.  We adopted her from the humane society and had planned to even before Hannah passed away.  Tomorrow will have been a week since we brought her home.  She is so much fun but a lot of work too!  She is an 11 week old golden retriever/labrador mix.  The kids adore her and even tolerate the puppy nips and sharp claws pretty well.  We plan to get her professional training soon and look forward to having another great family dog like Hannah was.


Mom said...

She was a big hit at our family gathering for the 4th.:) She'll think its pretty quiet now that she's home and not being carried around 24/7!

Gma Joan said...

So cute!

Rich said...

She is adorable! I missed this post the first time as you must have posted two entries in the same day :)