Monday, July 1, 2013

MJ's Piano Recital

 MJ had his first piano recital Saturday.  He did excellent.  Not too shabby for a boy who has been playing for only 3 months or so.
MJ and his (very patient) teacher, Mrs. Gussman

Proud Mom and Dad

He got to play on the big piano


Mom said...

Wonderful! Very proud of him.

Grandpa Lowe said...

Good job, Mathew. You are quite the "Entertainer"!

GP-Lowe said...

Spelled his name wrong, I know. Always have a problem with that one.

Gma Joan said...

Great job! I sure wish I would have stuck with piano lessons when I was young - Would love to be able to play today!
Keep practicing Matthew!

Rich said...

Great Job, bud! Pretty sure I was never able to play that second one, and wouldn't be able to play either nowadays :)

Anonymous said...

Matthew was awesome. randpa and Grammy Jones were very proud of him.