Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ridiculous (and fun!) Purchase

CVS had a lot if novelty Christmas gifts 75% off this week and I picked up this cotton candy maker for $7.50. I figured it would be fun to play with and potentially save is some dough at Royals games if it actually worked since we can bring in our food. It claimed that you can make cotton candy with just hard candy so we gave it a shot with some leftover hard Christmas candies. 
Cotton Candy Maker, 2 hard candies, something to crush the candy and a cone (included). 
          Crush the candy 
Put the crushed candy in the circle spinny thing (technical term). 
Turn the machine on and start gathering up the web of spun sugar that almost immediately began forming. 

Cotton candy almost done (forgot to take a pic of this step with the red-cherry so did one with the yellow-lemon)
I have to admit that I'm impressed. No need to buy expensive cotton candy-making products and the kids loved it. I always hated thinking of all the sugar in a bag of cotton candy but didn't blink an eye at letting them have a few hard candies. Shows me that cotton candy isn't that bad. Plus, think of all the flavor combinations we could make!  I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon but it is cheap entertainment!


Mom said...

Looks like a fun activity! I wonder if the sugar free hard candies would work for those of us trying to shed some pounds?

Robyn said...

It does! Said so right on the box!