Friday, May 2, 2014

Molly's First Softball Game

Molly and her fellow "Dirt Divas" played their first game of the season. I think her uniform looks more professional than my varsity high school uniforms did!  For a 5 year old playing her first game, she did great!

Not too many pics tonight as I ended up coaching 3rd base and spent most of my time reminding kids not to play in the dirt, tying shoes and telling girls to stop or go. 

By the way, they won!  19-12!


Rich said...

Awesome, way to go Molly :) You're right though, those kids' uniforms are way better than anything we had in school.

Rich said...

And monogrammed??? Didn't notice that the first time around, but really? For five year olds? Ok, that's a little excessive :P

Mom said...

It was fun to watch:-) She did a great job and finally live close enough to one of our grandchildren to be able to see them play!!

Proud Grandpa Lowe said...

Grandpa took that last picture. While it appears Molly was making a great play snagging a screaming ground ball to 3rd base, the truth is, like all the other little girls there, she was actually filling her glove with dirt and then throwing it in the air!