Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Field Dedication

Today, Bobby and I took the boys out to an adaptive baseball field dedication in a town near us. We were invited to represent Variety as a Variety Family. What an honor!

Ryan got to play baseball with current and retired Royals players and we even got up close and personal with Cal Ripken Jr!  

Matthew was Ryan's driver and most awesome helper. They had a blast!

Ryan got his own personalized Royals jersey!


Gma Joan said...

Very cool opportunity!

Gma Lowe said...

Wow how awesome!!

Rich said...

Very cool, looks like it was a great event!

Grandpa Lowe said...

I think in that last picture Ry was asking Lorenzo Cain to hit a home run for him that night. If sol, it worked. He did hit a HR!