Sunday, September 7, 2014

Busy Fall

Molly is very involved this fall.  She's playing soccer and involved in cheerleading (for the little flag football team!).  Her summer softball coach also asked if she would like to play fall softball.  It's on an older team and coach pitch instead of the t-ball she was used to from the summer.  

She had her first games (a double header) today.  Woah! What a change!  Some of these girls looked like they could be in middle school next to my little 5 year old.  Molly definitely held her own getting a hit each time at bat.  She also volunteered to catch one of the innings.  It was a hoot seeing her in all of that catcher's gear.  (Did I mention I may coach just a bit from the bleachers?)...

Cheer pic is a little fuzzy.  Bobby took it in the rain.  

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Mom said...

She reminds me of you wanting to be involved in everything. Go Molly!!