Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall. Fall. Fall!

As is tradition, I put my fall decor up over labor day weekend. The weather is supposed to cool off today and I'm in the mood for soup. It's officially September!

Matthew and Molly have started soccer. Matthew has not played since he was 4 (so four years ago). He had his fist game last night and it was amazing!  He scored 2 goals and had an assist!  What a change from the boy who volunteered to sit out and throw grass on the sidelines. He had a blast and was so proud of himself. 

Substitute teaching is going very well and I have subbed every single day. I'm finding that I'm really enjoying middle elementary classes so far. 

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Mom said...

Even though soccer wasn't available when you kids were growing up I am really enjoying watching the grandkids play the sport. They are doing awesome!