Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bad Week for Dr. Appointments

Yesterday we had Ryan's spine follow up. He is now at 51 degrees of curve and getting worse. In 18 months he has gone from 27 degrees to 51. We have put spinal fusion surgery on the schedule for May of 2018. It will be a 5 day inpatient stay followed by a six week home recovery (which is why we're scheduling it over the summer). If it keeps getting worse, Ryan would continue to have back pain and possibly compromise his organs. It is very common with Prader-Willi Syndrome. It's something we knew would likely happen just not when. 

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Grandpa Lowe said...

Ryan (and his family) have gone through so much. I'm sure he'll handle these upcoming challenges in a similar way to all those he's already been through. It's a good think he LOVES going to the doctor! What a resilient and happy boy he is. We're so lucky to have him in our lives!