Friday, October 17, 2008

Refrigerate and Shake Well (Augmentin)

RJ has had his share of surgeries. At last count I believe he was at thirteen or so. Three of those surgeries have been sets of ear tubes that have succeeded in the prevention of ear infections, at least while they have stayed in. As soon as they come out, the infections return. He has had two sets of regular tubes and one set of 'permanent' T-Tubes. The T-Tubes were put in last November at the same time as his kidney surgery and as of this summer both had fallen out on their own. We were told when the T-Tubes were inserted that they may need to be surgically removed when it was time because they are so permanent. Apparently not with our son. It was only a matter of time before the dreaded ear infections returned and after a $30 copay at the doctor's office, our suspicions were confirmed. The winter illness season has officially arrived.

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Anonymous said...

My poor baby. I am so glad you follow your intuition as he sure never complains. Mom